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American Gold Eagle (All Products)

Since its introduction in 1986, the American Gold Eagle has become one of the most widely traded gold bullion coins in the world—continuing gold's five-thousand-year legacy of desirability and value. As stipulated by law, Gold Eagles are composed of gold mined solely in the United States with a purity of 91.67%. They are available in 4 denominations containing 1, 1/2, 1/4, or 1/10 ounces of gold. Since the coin is .9167 pure and not .9999, the weight of each coin is actually slightly more than 1 ounce to still allow 1 ounce of pure gold in each coin. The obverse descends directly from the most beautiful coin in U.S. history—the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, designed by the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and chosen by Theodore Roosevelt to symbolize the United States as an emerging power in the world. Lady Liberty, an allegorical representation of the United States, is depicted lighting the way into the 20th century with a torch in her right hand, and an olive branch indicative of peace in her left. In the background is a rising sun symbolizing the "dawn of a new day," thanks to the democracy of the United States—represented by a rendition of the Capitol building at the coin's lower left. The original reverse features a male bald eagle holding an olive branch in his talons and flying towards the nest of his mate and their hatchling. In 2021, this was replaced with a detailed close-up portrait of a bald eagle. These stunning gold coins are the quintessential representation of our country and the ideals upon which it was founded.

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