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Olevian Numismatic Rarities is a global company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that buys, sells, and appraises rare coins, paper money, and precious metals products. Specializing in United States coins minted from 1792 to present, our experts travel the United States in search of scarce and valuable specimens while building collections and portfolios for numismatists and investors alike.

ONR endeavors to provide the most personalized, comprehensive, and integrated experience in the industry through our diverse offerings of numismatic assets and services, including specimen sourcing and acquisition, collection curation and management, authentication and grading, storage and security, valuation and liquidation, and other professional consulting solutions. 

With an emphasis on integrity, ONR is committed to building strong business partnerships with all clients. We strive to make the numismatic collecting and investment experience as pleasant and financially rewarding as possible.

The ultimate goal of ONR is to redefine the rare coin private ownership experience by partnering with clients to preserve specimens of numismatic antiquity and permit their study and appreciation by all people of the world for centuries to come.  We look forward to serving you today.

Client Services

Our full telephone customer service hours are 9am to 9pm EST, 7-days per week. For general inquiries, please call toll-free 1-844-667-2646 (844-ONR-COIN) or email a team member at Sales@ONRcoins.com.

For security reasons, we maintain a limited inventory on display at our physical store, which is open to the public on Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm, and Saturday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. We have over 20,000 items in stock, so to browse specific items, we strongly recommend calling ahead of your visit and arranging a personal consultation with one of our numismatists.

We appraise and buy collections by appointment only, which are available to schedule during our opening hours. Please call 1-844-667-2646 (844-ONR-COIN), email Sales@ONRcoins.com, or complete our online request form here. Appraisals are available at our office as well as your location. Please ask for details.

Customer Service Hours
9am to 9pm EST, 7 days per week

Physical Store Hours
Monday-Friday: 10am to 5pm
Saturday: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Sunday: Closed

Appraisal Hours
Monday-Friday: By Appointment Only
Please Contact Us to Schedule

Office Address
Mahla & Co. Antiques Building
17th & Smallman Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

USPS Shipping Address
P.O. Box 19816
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not accept shipments at our office address. Please securely send all letters and packages to our USPS shipping address listed above. To protect your items, please use "ONR" for our company name and avoid the use of any words which suggest value, such as "coins" or "numismatics." We look forward to hearing from you.

Olevian Numismatic Rarities endeavors to deliver the most personalized, comprehensive, and integrated client experience in the industry. Contact us today.

Buying from ONR

ONR offers an extensive selection of collectible coins, paper money, and precious metals for sale– in stock and available for immediate purchase every day. Please note that the majority of our inventory is not currently available on our website. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us. If we still cannot satisfy the order immediately, we will be happy to locate an item for you at no additional cost. You are never obligated to purchase an item we acquire for the purpose of your consideration. Please submit your want list here. You may also call or email us directly to discuss your collecting and investing goals.

Selling to ONR

ONR will purchase every coin, banknote, and precious metals product that you wish to sell, either by immediate cash payment or by consignment, depending on your preferences. We will also buy back everything we sell to you for a fair market price. Unlike many other companies, which are highly selective in what they buy and require you to transport a potentially heavy and often valuable collection to their office for review, ONR will purchase your entire collection at once and can travel to your location to do so– saving you the time, hassle, and security risk of transporting your coins.

Professional Appraisals

ONR offers expert appraisals for all United States coins, paper money, bullion, and other elements of numismatic antiquity. For your convenience and to maintain confidentiality, arrangements can be made to have your collection appraised in the privacy of your own home or business.

Visit Us

Check out our inventory display on the corner of 17th and Smallman Street in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. You can also visit us at numerous Pittsburgh-area and national United States coin shows throughout the year. Whether you are a collector or an investor looking to buy or sell coins, call today to schedule your personal appointment with Olevian Numismatic Rarities– the preferred Pittsburgh coin dealer.