ONR is an authorized dealer and official submission center for the largest and most reputable coin and paper money certification firms in the world.

Complete our Certification Request Form below or call us today at 844-667-2646 for assistance in submitting your coins and banknotes to these top services for certification:

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)

Professional Coin Grading Service Restoration (PCGS Restoration)

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)

Numismatic Conservation Service (NCS)

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG)




Why certify coins and paper money?

As we discuss elsewhere in our investment guide, the grade of a coin or banknote is a key determinant of value. Prior to the mid-1980s, coins were generally graded by the selling dealer, causing serious conflicts of interest in the rare coin market. Many collectors and investors fell victim to incidents of grading abuse in which they were unable to resell coins at a profit because unscrupulous dealers often inflated grades at the time of sale. Furthermore, an influx of counterfeit, altered, or otherwise illegitimate pieces have entered the marketplace over the years, presenting collectors and dealers alike with new and important challenges.

Independent expert certification and grading services were therefore established. These firms examine your coin or banknote, certify its authenticity, and assign a consensus grade based on three expert opinions. If genuine, coins are encapsulated in a sonically sealed, hard plastic holder called a “slab” with its grade and certification number displayed. Paper Money is sealed in a hard plastic sleeve of similar design. These holders provide physical protection and safeguard against tampering with the grading documentation.

The leading coin and paper money certification firms, including Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and Paper Money Guaranty (PMG), have become widely recognized for their objective certification practices and high industry standards. They continue to provide reliable consumer protection for rare coin and paper money collectors and investors to preserve the integrity of the numismatic industry. Olevian Numismatic Rarities is proud to serve as an authorized dealer for PCGS, NGC, and PMG.

For higher value pieces, ONR strongly recommends that collectors and investors purchase only coins and banknotes that have been certified by one of these three organizations. Not only do certified coins and notes make safe investments, there are monthly population reports that detail

the number of specimens that have been certified in different grades and issues, which serves as a guide for determining their scarcity. In addition, certified coins and paper money are more easily sold, with thousands of certified examples sold daily “sight unseen”— a testament to the trust the industry places in certification services. With a guarantee of authenticity and the exact grade printed right on the coin or banknote’s label, collectors and investors need only to reference the latest price guide for an estimation of its retail market value— it’s that easy.

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Why submit your coins and bank notes for certification through ONR?

If you have coins or paper money that you believe may benefit from certification, ONR is here to guide you every step of the way. Engaging ONR to submit your coins and paper money to PCGS, NGC, or PMG on your behalf may be preferred for several reasons:

Improve Accuracy and Satisfaction

Coin and Paper Money certification firms offer a dizzying array of certification levels, turn-around times, and ancillary services such as variety attribution, encapsulation in special holders, photography, and other services. ONR is aptly poised to navigate this process carefully and efficiently. We will assist you in selecting the services most appropriate for your specimens, taking into account your personal goals and preferences.

Save Money

As a collector, obtaining direct submission privileges may require membership to each company’s collector society, with annual dues as high as three hundred dollars— depending on membership level. These dues are in addition to the certification fees themselves. If you submit only one or a few coins per year, the annual dues may not be worth the expense. Submitting your specimens through an authorized dealer like ONR may be more appropriate.

Save Even More Money

ONR can save you money in other ways, too. Not all coins and banknotes are worth the added expense associated with having them certified. While certainly advisable for high-valued pieces, many modestly valued ones are probably best left uncertified. ONR’s team of experts will review each of your specimens one-by-one to determine which pieces benefit most from certification. When combined with our professional appraisal services, ONR can provide market values for your pieces, both as certified and uncertified examples for comparison. Our personalized review will minimize your costs and increase your likelihood of realizing a profit on your investment.

Save Time

Submitting coins and banknotes for certification can be a confusing and time-consuming process, especially if you are not familiar with each company’s strict submission policies and procedures. Careful attention must be paid when completing detailed submission paperwork, and strict guidelines must be followed when holdering, labeling, documenting, and packaging your coins and banknotes for submission. Our expert numismatists at ONR are highly experienced with this process and can assure you that it is done right— on time, every time.

Enhance Security

Many collectors are uncomfortable shipping their prized coins and paper money for certification, due to concerns about loss. Worry no more with ONR, as our extensive experience in securely packaging and shipping high-valued specimens will greatly alleviate that risk. Your collection is always generously insured and stored in our vault while in our possession. When it comes time to leave our hands, ONR experts maintain a detailed knowledge of United States Postal Service regulations and procedures for packaging, shipping, and insuring valuable merchandise through services such as USPS Priority Mail, Express Mail, and Registered Mail. Your collection will be safely packaged in reinforced boxes, discretely labeled, accurately insured, and custom shipped using the most appropriate service for your particular submission package. For especially valuable shipments, ONR is pleased to offer premium insurance options through a specialty collectible insurance program. Consult an ONR numismatist for more details.

Submitting Your Coins and Paper Money for Certification Through ONR

Follow our simple 3-step process below to have your coins and paper money certified by the world’s leading numismatic experts:

1. Schedule an Appointment

Schedule a confidential, one-on-one appointment at our office. For clients in the Pittsburgh area, we also offer onsite consultation at your home or business. In addition, submissions are accepted at any coin show we attend. Please contact us for details.

2. Review Your Collection with Us

We will review your collection together and select pieces for certification. We will also decide where to submit (PCGS, NGC, or PMG), what service level (such as Express, Standard, or Economy), and whether additional services (variety attribution, imaging, and others) are desired. You can be involved in this process as little or as much as you please. Once complete, we will take possession of your collection and leave you with an official consignment receipt.

3. Pick-Up Your Certified Coins and Banknotes

Depending on the selected service level, your newly certified coins and banknotes may be available for pick-up in at little as 5 days. Arrangements can be made for delivery to your location, if needed.

Complete our Certification Request Form below or call 844-667-2646 for more information. Thank you for choosing Dane C. Olevian Numismatic Rarities for assistance in certifying your collection. We look forward to working with you.

Certification Fee Schedule

Certification fees are assessed according to the respective company’s published fee schedule:

PCGS Fees (embedded link: www.pcgs.com/servicesandfees)

NGC Fees (embedded link: www.ngccoin.com/submit/services-fees/)

PMG Fees (embedded link: www.pmgnotes.com/submit/services-fees/)

Please note: Standard round-trip shipping charges will apply to all submissions according to current USPS service rates. In addition, an ONR processing fee may be applied to certain submissions. Please speak to an ONR representative for more details.