Shipping Policy

1. Shipping to You

a. Shipping and Insurance

ONR may ship Your product(s) by any carrier, including, without limitation, United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx, and may require carrier confirmation of delivery to You and/or the signature of You or Your authorized agent. Domestic shipping is free for Sales Orders of at least $100.00 and $4.95 for Sales Orders under $100.00. All Sales Orders are fully insured by ONR, our insurance provider, and/or the shipping carrier for the amount listed on the Sales Order while in transit to You. Orders sent by USPS Registered and Insured mail may take an average of 5-10 business days after leaving our facility to be delivered.

b. Lost and Stolen Shipments

Should Your product(s) be lost or stolen prior to delivery to You, ONR will either replace Your product(s) or issue You a refund at our discretion, subject to the following limitations: ONR must be notified of a lost or stolen package within thirty days of Your ship date. If You do not notify us within this time frame, we specifically disclaim liability for Your lost or stolen Sales Order. ONR shall have no liability to You for Sales Orders that are lost or stolen after carrier confirmation of delivery to You and/or the signature of You or Your authorized agent has been obtained. In no circumstance will ONR or our insurance company be liable to You if You instruct any carrier or delivery service to leave shipments for You without the need for Your signature. Further, ONR shall have no liability to You if You instruct any carrier or delivery service to leave Your package with anyone else, including a neighbor, building representative, or third-party drop-off location such as The UPS Store, Mail Boxes Etc., or other venue. If You do not receive Your package due to loss or theft, You agree to take all reasonable actions to assist ONR in recovery of the package, including, but not limited to, filing reports, such as police reports, and providing ONR with any information needed to assist in recovering the package. If You do not cooperate fully with such recovery efforts, neither ONR nor our insurance company will have any liability to You.

c. Damaged Shipments

Should You receive Your product(s) in damaged condition, You must notify ONR of such damage within one business day following the carrier confirmed delivery and must ship the damaged product(s) and all original packaging back to ONR for replacement or full refund. ONR will reimburse You for Your return shipping expenses in this specific circumstance. In no circumstance will ONR be required to grant full or partial refunds for damages that occur during shipping while also allowing You to retain the damaged product(s).

d. International Orders 

All international orders must be shipped to a physical address and a delivery zone surcharge may apply. We generally do not accept Sales Orders shipped to international addresses using freight forwarding services, such as Vpost addresses. If Sales Orders are placed online and shipped to such addresses, including if ONR is unaware that such address is not Your personal address, all risk of loss is Your liability once ONR delivers Your Sales Order to Your designated freight forwarding service address.  

For Sales Orders shipped outside of the United States, You are solely responsible for any duties or taxes imposed by Your country. ONR will always declare the full value of Your Sales Order for customs purposes, without exception. Please consult Your customs broker for more information on duties and taxes.

If Your Sales Order is returned to ONR due to the inability of the carrier to deliver it to You or Your refusal to pay duties or taxes, You shall be responsible for any return shipping fees, additional duties, or applicable taxes incurred while returning the package to ONR. If Your Sales Order is in fact returned to us, we will not reship Your Sales Order unless we are paid in full for any return shipping costs, duties, and taxes we may have paid on Your behalf, as well as any expenses incurred while re-shipping the Sales Order back to You. If You choose not to allow the Sales Order to be reshipped to You, You are still liable for any additional expenses, duties, and taxes incurred by us, as well as any fees incurred by our attempt to collect from You. International returns on Sales orders are very costly and we strongly recommend You take appropriate measures to ensure Your taxes and duties are paid and Your order is deliverable.

2. Shipping to ONR

a. Shipment Confirmation of Purchase Orders

Once Your Purchase Order is confirmed, You are obligated to send the agreed upon type, quality, and quantity of product(s) to ONR. In addition, You must send us the carrier-issued tracking number within 1 business day of Your Purchase Order and must ensure we receive Your shipment within 5 business days of Your Purchase Order. If ONR does not receive the accurate type, quality, and quantity of products ordered, or if we do not receive Your tracking number or shipment in a timely fashion, ONR reserves the right to cancel Your Purchase Order and/or subject You to fees, including Cancellation and Market Loss fees described above.  ONR may also prohibit You from buying from us or selling to us in the future. If You do provide us with the tracking number within 1 business day as required, and we do not receive Your Purchase Order within 5 business due to a delay caused by the shipping service, we may extend the deadline on a case-by case basis, but are not obligated to do so.

b. Shipping and Insurance Methods

When You ship to ONR for any reason, You are required to do so by USPS First Class Mail, Priority Mail, Express Mail, and/or Registered Mail, with USPS insurance to cover Your shipment value. All packages must be shipped to “ONR, PO Box 19816, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.” ONR will provide You with instructions and advice on how to package and ship Your products securely. Such information is also available by calling customer service at 1-844-667-2646. All shipments must be in plain packaging with no words on the outside that relate to coins, paper money, precious metals, numismatics, numismatic rarities, or any other words or phrases that may indicate valuable package contents. To reiterate, all packages must be addressed simply to “ONR,” not “Olevian Numismatic Rarities” or other company name or abbreviation potentially suggestive of value. Any packages sent to any other address than the one above, including other addresses affiliated with ONR, will not be accepted and will returned to You by the carrier.

When shipping product(s) to ONR for which a Confirmed Purchase Order price has already been established, the USPS insured value must be equal to the Purchase Order amount. When shipping product(s) to ONR for which a Confirmed Purchase Order price has not already been established, the USPS insured value must be determined by You and must be an estimate of the total value of the product(s) You are shipping to ONR. ONR can assist You in determining an appropriate estimated value of Your product(s) prior to shipment based on a detailed description by You of Your product(s), but ONR makes no warranty and does not guarantee that it will offer to pay You Your declared insurance value for Your product(s), should You decide to sell to ONR, and in fact may offer You less than, the same as, or more than the declared insurance value, pending receipt and expert appraisal of Your product(s) with regards to current market conditions. Your declared insurance value is strictly for the purposes of mitigating Your personal risk of loss during shipment.  

c. Shipping Risks

You are responsible for all risk of loss associated with shipping or delivering Your Purchase Order, Return, or other package to ONR until we take physical custody of each product contained in Your shipment. Furthermore, if Your product(s) are lost, stolen, or damaged during shipment to ONR, You acknowledge that ONR is not liable to You for any payment or damages and that any claim for payment or damages must be made by You to USPS. You also acknowledge that, while ONR will attempt to provide You, within reason, information needed to file Your claim with USPS to obtain reimbursement from USPS for Your lost, stolen, or damaged product(s), ONR is not required to do so, and ONR makes no warranty or guarantee that You will be able to recover such damages from USPS.

In situations for which You ship Your product(s) to ONR before we establish our purchase offer, and You decide not to accept such offer, ONR will return Your product(s) to You by USPS with a declared insurance value exactly equal to the ONR offer price. ONR shall be liable to You for this declared insurance value, should Your product(s) be lost, stolen, or damaged prior to confirmed delivery to You by USPS, provided that USPS or another insurance company makes full payment to ONR for any claim ONR places against USPS for Your insured product(s) that are shipped to You. If USPS does not make full payment to ONR for the value of Your product(s) declared by ONR for any reason, then ONR shall only be liable to You for the total amount, if any, paid to ONR by USPS for Your lost, stolen, or damaged product(s). Such liability shall be payable to You by ONR within thirty (30) business days following ONR’s receipt of such payment from USPS.

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