Consign Your Collection Today

What is consignment?

ONR may recommend selling your coins through consignment. Consignment refers to the act of placing material in the hands of another, but retaining complete ownership until the items are sold. The overwhelming majority of tangible assets like paintings, antique furniture, and other collectibles are sold through consignment.

How does consignment work?

When you consign to ONR, we take physical possession of your collection and offer it for sale to other clients. You can specify a minimum sale price for your items, which ONR can suggest based on current market conditions. ONR can sell most items quickly at a fair market price. For certain unusual or higher-end specimens, the liquidation process may take somewhat longer. In general, selling rare coins is not much different than selling other tangible assets like real estate, automobiles, or artwork. Therefore, it may be advantageous to wait for ONR to consider several offers in order to secure the highest possible price for your valuables.

Where will my collectibles be sold?

ONR has extensive access to private collectors, investors, and other numismatic professionals interested in buying your collectibles. We may offer your items directly to other clients and industry contacts, list them on our website and other internet sites, or travel the United States in search of a buyer. We regularly attend over 20 trade shows throughout the year, including the National Money Show, World's Fair of Money, Baltimore Whitman Coin Expo, Florida United Numismatists Convention, and many other local and national events. We work hard to get your items sold!

Is my collection insured?

ONR maintains a comprehensive insurance policy to protect your assets and is responsible for the full market value of your belongings while in our possession. Rest assured, your collection is safe in our hands.

How will I get paid?

Once your items are sold, ONR will retain a predetermined percentage of the sale price for our services. Payment will then be made expeditiously by cash, check, or bank wire. Down payments are also available for certain consignments.

How do I proceed?

To determine whether consignment is best for you, please call our experts at 1-844-667-2646 or fill out our contact form here to start the conversation.

When you consign to ONR, we do all the work for you—including advertising, negotiating with other clients, and preparing your items for sale. All you need to do is supply the merchandise!