Week's Most Read: Barber quarter in rare holder soars

January 06, 2023 1 min read

Week's Most Read: Barber quarter in rare holder soars

By William T. Gibbs , Coin World, Published: Jan 6, 2023, 9 AM

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Here are five of our most-read articles from the past week, in reverse order.

5. Release dates for American Women quarter dollars: The U.S. Mint has identified release dates for the five 2023 American Women quarter dollars in the second year of the four-year coin program.

4. Mint reveals 2023 American Innovation dollars: The United States Mint has posted images on its website of the four 2023 American Innovation dollars that will be struck with a circulation-quality finish.

3. 2023 coinage in production at U.S. Mint facilities: The Philadelphia and Denver Mints have begun full-scale production of 2023 circulating coinage for eventual release into commerce.

2. Problem gold eagles still attractive choice in sale: Heritage had a fascinating run of gold $10 eagles at its recent Dec. 15 to 18 U.S. Coins Signature Auction with “problems” as designated by third-party grading services.

1. Market Analysis: Buying the holder and the coin: An 1892-O Barber quarter dollar graded Mint State 60 by PCGS in an oversized green Regency holder with an original bag sold for $6,168.75. In a common holder, it might sell for $500.

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