Zeiss Head-worn Clip-on Loupe LC: 6D

The 6-diopter lenspiece gives a magnification of approximately 1.5X at a nominal working distance of 6 inches (150 mm), with a useful field of view of approx. 2-3/4" x 3" (72 mm x 75 mm). The Model LC loupe mount consists of a lightweight clip which attaches easily to most prescription spectacle frames. The angled grips make it easy to attach and remove loupe without removing glasses. Soft, non-slip caps on the jaws of the clip prevent scratching of prescription lenses. Height and tilt of the loupe lenspiece can be adjusted as desired. The one-piece optical element of the Model LC loupes is designed with a fixed binocular angle, optimized for the power of the lenses; the lines of sight from each eye converge at an ideal working distance to provide low-fatigue 3-dimensional stereo viewing.
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