Unsearched Bag Of 500 Lincoln Wheat Penny Cents: 10 Rolls

This is an unsearched bag of 500 Lincoln Wheat Cents taken from old canvas mint bags and machine counted and sorted into plastic bags of 500 coins. Example bags are shown in the photos. You may receive one of the bags in the photos, although there are many more available than those shown and you will receive a random bag from our inventory. We process hundreds of thousands of Lincoln Cents and do not have time to review individual bags, so we cannot guarantee any certain mix of dates in the bag but coins in old bags generally span from 1909 to 1958 with a variety of mint marks, occasional mint state coins, occasional steel cents, and occasional Indian cents.

We sell at a physical store, on our website, and at numerous coin shows each year. We process and sell over 100,000 wheat cents annually, mostly wholesale bulk shipments. We do not have the time, or the interest, to carefully inspect or otherwise sort wheat cents. We just machine bag them from jars, boxes, rolls, and other bags that we get from collections we purchase. The extent of our examination is to ensure that they do appear to be almost all wheat cents, and that is it. The large majority of coins in random bags are going to be common. Rare coins, are by definition, rare-- they are not likely to be found. If you were to search many thousands of our cents you would probably find some interesting coins. However, a single bag is not necessarily representative of tens of thousands of coins, so we can't guarantee the contents specifically. We can definitely say that we did not search them carefully as we do not have the time to do so. We also generally run the counter to around 510-520 coins, whatever is in the batch that we were counting that was close enough to 500, in the event the counting machine made a mistake (unlikely) or in the event some coins were not wheat cents (accidental memorial cents, Canadian, other mildly damaged coins not rejected by the counter, etc). Finally, if you believe the bag contains too many poor coins or is otherwise inadequate, it can always be returned. We trust that you would be honest enough to not find and keep an interesting coin, yet return the bag anyway. Thank you for your interest.

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