Sports & Entertainment Colelction Set of 6 Stock Certificates 1920s-1990s

Sports & Entertainment Collection: Set of 6 Stock & Bond Certificates (1920's - 1990's)

This collection features 6 vintage stock and bond certificates from the sports and entertainment industry, including some scarcer issues. One stock certificate from each of Madison Square Gardens, Monmouth Park Jockey Club, Brandywine Sports, San Juan Racing Association, and the Cleveland Indians Baseball corporation is included. A scarce corporate bond from the New Haven Arena Company is also included. Perhaps one of the most famous incidents in this Arena's history occurred on December 9, 1967 when Jim Morrison, front man for the rock group The Doors, was arrested on stage during a performance, making him the first rock star to be taken into custody during a performance. The arrest was the inspiration for the Doors song "Peace Frog" which was released in 1970. All certificates date from the 1920’s to 1990’s. This set makes for great wall art in a home sports bar or man cave. Consider combining this set with our other specialty sets to build a comprehensive collection of certificates across multiple industries with no repeats!


Quality is Assured

Sets are uniquely assembled to order but will match the quality of the items shown. All corporations listed will be included but colors and styles may vary. Stocks and bonds may be neatly stamped and/or punch cancelled and are no longer negotiable. Bonds with payment coupons may have variable numbers of attached coupons remaining.    

Authenticity is Guaranteed

The expert staff of Olevian Numismatic Rarities unconditionally guarantees the authenticity of every historic document we sell, and all signatures contained therein. A certificate of authenticity will be included with each item.  Shop with confidence and discover why people choose Olevian Numismatic Rarities when it matters most.   


The stocks will be housed in 1 archival quality acetate protective sleeve, ready for safe storage, display, or framing. 


Each stock is roughly 10 x 8 inches.



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