Guardhouse Wood Display Box - For Large Sized Capsule

This single coin box holds a Large (L) sized Guardhouse Coin Capsule or H sized Air-Tite Capsule. With a 44.5mm diameter they are a perfect fit for the 1.75 inch military challenge medals. Mahagony Color Finish.

Perfect for display, gifts or packaging, this thoughtfully crafted Mahogany-colored varnished box offers a host of attractive features. The intricate design and carefully crafted wood trim, thumb notched lid, and layered molding add decorative touches to the exterior. Bright, silver-colored hinges provide an extra flare, while the interior black foam coin insert contrasts superbly with a plush white cloth collar. The interior lid is draped with a white liner and framed with a black diagonal ribbon � ideal for a thank you card, business card or certificate. The attention to detail continues on the bottom of the box, where the routed curves give way to a felt covered bottom.

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