Guardhouse 5x5 Glass-top Wood Display Box - Holds Small Sized Capsule

These glass-top wood boxes hold Guardhouse small capsules and AirTite A capsules. The Guardhouse glass-top 800 series box provides an elegant display designed to highlight and enhance the beauty of encapsulated coins. Perfect as a gift or point of purchased packaging, these boxes contain a number of enhancements and thoughtful touches that collectors will appreciate. Long, golden hinges add strength and beauty to the design, and magnets inset into the end of the lid and base provide a secure, snap tight closure. This display is made of real wood, and the glass view port is framed with a contrasting black rubber molding. Likewise, a plush white collar frames a black velvet insert in the base. The insert is made from a closed cell foam designed to securely hold the coin in place, along with a ribbon pull tab for easy removal.?Holds Model S - Colonial Teak wood box with Glass Top.
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