Eco-Friendly Enviro-Topload Card Holder 3x4

Each year hundreds of thousands of plastic (PVC) top loaders are sold to collectors across America. Many are used for one-time shipping, and very few are recycled. PVC is bad for the environment and wind up in the ocean and landfills, eventually contaminating sea-life and our food chain. Guardhouse is leading an effort to reduce PVC usage in the collectibles industry by introducing eco-friendly collector toploaders that are functionally the same and at no additional cost! The Eco-Friendly Guardhouse Topload Card Holder is made of sturdy, 18 mil recycled paper and contains no PVC. The PET window uses 1/15th less petro-polymer material. PET has the added benefit of being safer than PVC and is considered archival. Overall, the Eco-Friendly Toploader weights less than a conventional plastic top loader, which means less waste and less shipping weight
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