DROP THE COINS: Imagination Set Augmented Reality 1oz Silver Coins 4-Coin Set

The Imagination series consists of 4 limited edition .999 fine silver augmented reality numismatic bullion coins: Enlightenment, Metamorphosis, Galactica, and Blink. Each coin in the series has a limited mintage of 999 silver coins. All coins contain a physical and unique digital certificate of authenticity. The digital certificate of authenticity unlocks two experiences per coin through our free drop the coins app. Owners of the coin are able to certify their asset by storing their digital certificate of authenticity in their account. All coins are scannable inside their box with any smart phone or tablet to reveal a special augmented reality experience. Scanning the front of each imagination series coin box tells a unique story. When asset holders scan the back of each coin box another experience unfolds concluded by reveling the current spot price of silver in addition to the last 30 days of price action. For more information, visit www.dropthecoins.com.
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