Anti-Fraud Deal Bag. 50 bags per pack.

50 bags per pack, 500 per box. Anti-fraud deal bags help preventing fraud and loss during money transactions. Made with a strong recyclable plastic that doesn't tear under normal conditions, these anti-fraud deal bags are carefully manufactured with tamper indicators that will expose if one of the following occurs:
  • If tamper with heat, blue dots will appear on the security closure.
  • If the bag has been attacked by freezing agents, the word "Void" will show up.
  • If tamper with saliva, solvents, or other chemicals, the security closure will show black stars.
  • Anti-fraud deal bags also feature a bar code, a unique alphanumeric number, a blue shaded box and a removable paper receipt; all of this, to keep precise track of the cash deposited. Anti-fraud deal bags present the most affordable and efficient way for your money to reach its destination without being tampered.
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