5 oz Silver Starter Package Unique Bullion Round Designs & Deluxe Storage Pouch

Product Description:
Whether you are a new buyer of precious metals or a seasoned investor, our expertly curated bullion selections are sure to suit your needs. Offered here is a 5-ounce assortment of our most popular silver bullion products. This package includes 5 privately minted one ounce silver rounds of different designs. Each round is encapsulated in an airtight holder and all selections are presented in a durable black velvet pouch accompanied by a certificate of authenticity-- perfect for gifting, safe storage, and preservation. Please see the information below for more details about this product and our custom bullion assortments.

Product Details
Each package includes 5 troy ounces of silver with the following popular selection:
•5 one-ounce silver bullion rounds (assorted designs)
•Premium black velvet storage pouch
•Certificate of authenticity

About our Custom Precious Metals Packages
It is widely accepted among financial professionals that diversification improves the overall stability of investment portfolios. Precious metals are great diversification tools that provide a hedge against inflation and potential declines in the U.S. dollar. As investment and industrial demand continues to exceed world supply, precious metals will strengthen their position as permanent stores of value. Owning physical precious metals that you can hold in your hand in the form of bullion bars, rounds, and coins made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be a satisfying and exciting experience. However, with nearly an endless variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and compositions of bullion available in today’s marketplace, the process of choosing physical assets to purchase can seem daunting and intimidating. We have eliminated these challenges through the creation of expertly curated selections that highlight some of the most sought after and highest-quality bullion products in existence.

Our custom bullion packages are a great way to get started on this interesting and worthwhile endeavor for buyers who are brand new to precious metals collecting and investing. They are also an excellent means to quickly gain exposure to many available options at once, enabling you to make more informed purchases in the future. For seasoned bullion buyers, our precious metals assortments provide an opportunity to deepen your holdings, experience new ways to collect, and reach higher levels of investment diversification. Regardless of your intended financial commitment, we have a pre-assembled assortment of exceptional precious metals products that will fit your needs. To learn more about collecting and investing in bullion bars, rounds, and coins, continue reading our short but informative precious metals primer below. This will put you on the path to becoming a bullion expert in no time!

More About Precious Metals
Precious metals are rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical elements of high economic value. Historically, precious metals were important as currency but are now regarded mainly as investment and industrial commodities. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the most common metals for investing and collecting.

Precious metals in bulk form are known as bullion and are traded on commodity markets. Bullion may be cast into ingots or minted into coins. The defining attribute of bullion is that it is valued by its mass and purity rather than by a face value as money. The level of purity varies from issue to issue, but 99.9% (“three nines”) purity is common. The purest bullion coins are in the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf series, which may be as high as 99.999% purity. It is worth noting that 100% pure bullion cannot be commercially produced, as the ability to extract impurities reaches a theoretical limit at 100%.

Bars (Ingots)
Many governments and private manufacturers cast precious metals into bars, also known as ingots. The weight and purity of these bars are guaranteed by the respective producer. Bars come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from a single ounce to 1,000 ounces or more. Bars are convenient ways to own precious metals in bulk form for smaller premiums over the spot metal price. However, very large bars may be less liquid than small bars or coins because only a select number of people can afford to buy such a large amount of metal at one time.

Like bars, numerous private manufacturers also cast precious metals into rounds, which are coin-like medals that have no legal tender face value. The weight and purity of these rounds are guaranteed by the respective producer. Rounds are frequently one ounce in size but can range from a few grams to one kilogram or more. Silver rounds are considerably more common that gold rounds. There is exceptional diversity in this popular class of bullion products, with many designs and themes available to collectors and investors. Rounds are another convenient way to own precious metals in bulk form for smaller premiums over the spot metal price.

Many nations also mint bullion coins. Although nominally issued as legal tender and not intended for circulation, the face value of these coins is far below that of their value as bullion. The minting of bullion coins by national governments gives them some collector value in addition to their metal value, as well as guarantees purity. They typically sell for a premium over the intrinsic metal value. Since coins generally contain an ounce of metal or less, they permit small increments of investment, are affordable to more investors than large bars, and enjoy the highest liquidity. Common modern bullion coins include American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs, which are available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium compositions.

Many older, but relatively common, silver and gold coins originally intended for circulation are another excellent way to own precious metals. For instance, some U.S. silver coins minted prior to 1965 and gold coins minted before 1933 often carry only modest premiums above their intrinsic metal value and have the added advantage of being historically interesting pieces. Unlike modern bullion coins, however, which are typically at least 99% pure, the older coins were generally struck in 90% silver or gold alloys blended with copper to improve strength and withstand circulation. PCGS and NGC certified bullion coins are also available to the interested investor who desires the added reassurance and protection that such services afford.
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