1908-1915 Austrian-Hungarian Gold 100 Corona (Random Year)

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You will receive a single Austrian-Hungarian 100 Corona in the date range mentioned.

The 100 Corona coin is a 0.900 fine (21.6 karat) gold coin that was minted in Austria and Hungary between 1908 and 1914. Yet, the most common 100 Corona coins bear the mint date 1915 (Austrian 100 corona 1915), and were struck in 1916 as re-strikes to commemorate the reign of Franz Josef I, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary from 1848 to 1916. The corona was introduced as a denomination with the Empire’s monetary reform in 1892, until Austria became a republic in 1918.

Diameter 37.1 mm
Thickness 2.29 mm
Net fine weight 0.9802 ozt
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