1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf (.999) (Year Varies)

The sale of this item is subject to availability. Please call 1-844-ONR-COIN for the current price and to place an order.

1979 - 1982 Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Buy some of the first issues of the classic Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin struck by the Royal Canadian Mint in .999 fine gold form 1979 to 1982. Similar in many respects to the post-1982 .9999 fine gold bullion coins, these older Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins can be trusted for their fine gold bullion coin purity and admired for their beauty (a product of the RCM’s high tradition of artistry, craftsmanship and technical excellence).

These legal tender Canadian gold bullion coins' content and fine gold bullion purity are guaranteed by the Government of Canada

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