Uncirculated gold American Eagle ready for June 16 sale

June 09, 2022 2 min read

Uncirculated gold American Eagle ready for June 16 sale

By Chris Bulfinch , Coin World, Published: Jun 6, 2022, 11 AM

The Uncirculated 2022-W American Eagle 1-ounce gold coin is scheduled to go on sale to U.S. Mint customers June 16 at noon Eastern Time, with a household order limit of one coin.

Unlike many other 2022 United States Mint products, the coin is not offered in an enrollment option; its mintage and product limit is 9,000 coins.

Coins sporting the Uncirculated finish are, according to the Mint’s website, “hand-loaded into the coining press and struck on specially burnished blanks, yet have a soft, matte-like finish appearance.”

A new look was introduced for the American Eagle gold coins last year, both bullion and numismatic issues, with updated security features, a “refreshed” obverse version of Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Liberty and a new reverse design featuring an eagle’s head.

The new reverse design replaced the Family of Eagles design that was used on the coins since their introduction. The revisions to the obverse were intended to make the design closer in appearance to Saint-Gaudens’s original design from 1907, “including modifications to the Capitol Building, stars, torch, sun rays, and other design elements,” according to the Mint catalog listing for the coin.

Each coin is encapsulated and placed in a black presentation case with the U.S. Mint seal on the lid. The case fits into an outer sleeve with a gold foil image of Liberty.

The Proof version of this denomination went on sale March 17, priced at $2,700, and is “currently unavailable,” according to the Mint’s website. The Mint’s May 30 sales report indicates 5,927 of the Proof 1-ounce gold coins were sold.

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