February 27, 2018 3 min read


Three new silver coins are being issued this year and each have a beautiful representation of their respective countries.  While these coins are unique in their own special ways, the commonality is that they are each bullion coins, or precious metal, making them a great collector’s item and investment.  These three coins are unsurpassed in their features and design.


The Australian Silver Koala Coin

ONR 1998 Austrailia Silver Koala CoinAmong the new coins issued in 2018 is the beautiful Silver Australian Koala.  Many Australian Animal coins are released each year by the Perth Mint, but the koala is sure to quickly join the kangaroo and kookaburra as favorites.  The Australian koala coins were first issued in 2007, but every year since, the backs of the coins have been released with new designs.  For any coin aficionado, the Silver Australian Koala coins are vastly coveted and admired.  The coin’s changes this year are big and add great value to any numismatist’s collection.   The first noticeable change is the coin’s reverse design.  This year, the koala is pictured holding branches of a eucalyptus tree.  Three of the koala’s feet are gripping the tree for balance while one of them is free to pick some of the gum leaves from the tree.  The coin’s new design isn’t the only change for 2018, however.  For the first time, the Australian Silver Koala now features .9999 pure silver content.  This is an upgrade from the past ten years when coin’s silver content was only .999.   The 1 ounce Silver Koala has a limited mintage of just 300,000 coins for 2018. For coin enthusiasts, this means an even bigger attraction and desire to collect this beautiful coin early. The coins are available individually or in bulk orders.


Canadian Silver Incuse Maple Leaf Coin

ONR 2018 Silver Maple Leaf CoinIn 2018, the Royal Canadian Mint will issue commemorative coins for the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin.  The Silver Maple Leaf coin has incuse striking making it stunning and sought-after.  Coin collectors and investors can purchase this new silver coin individually or in bulk options.  It is struck with an incuse on both sides, uniquely, so that the maple leaf as well as the image of Queen Elizabeth II is raised and even more visually appealing.  Like the Silver Koala, the Silver Maple Leaf’s content is .9999 pure silver.  The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was actually the first bullion coin to ever feature .9999 pure silver content.  Coin buffs won’t want to wait to get their hands on this historical double-incuse coin from the mint.


America the Beautiful Pictured Rocks Coin

ONR 2018 Pictured Rocks America The BeautifulThe United States Mint’s America the Beautiful collection is undoubtedly one of the most diverse silver bullion options.  Each year, five different designs are added.  For 2018, one of them is the Pictured Rocks Coin.  For most Americans, the coin’s obverse side is familiar as it is the same image that is on the U.S. quarter.   On the reverse side of the ATB Pictured Rocks Silver Coin, however, is the image chosen to represent the lakeshore in Michigan.  Chapel Rock was chosen to represent the park and the state in the ATB Series. Chapel Rock offers a stunning view out over Lake Superior. Chapel Rock stands alone in the water, surrounded by trees, and has one single pine growing from it.  The ATB Pictured Rocks Coin is made of .999 pure silver and can be purchased in an individual capsule, a mint tube of ten coins, or a monster box of one hundred coins.



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