February 08, 2017 1 min read

Reactions To Newly Revealed 2017 American Liberty Coin Are Mixed

On January 12, coin collectors got their first look at the design of the 2017 American Liberty $100 coin, with Liberty portrayed as a young African-American woman for the first time in the United States Mint’s history.

The official release of the U.S. Mint’s 2017 American Liberty gold coin occurred on the 12thof January and generated a multitude of strong, differing opinions from coin collectors and experts across the country. Interestingly, both staunchly positive and resolutely negative reactions emerged following the coin’s design release. Many of these opinions were shared by followers on Coin World’s Facebook page.

Admirers of the coin expressed their happiness with the fact that Liberty’s face is both beautiful and different from previous depictions. Also echoed in the positive comments was the sentiment that this coin reflects the diversity of our nation and appropriately celebrates the liberation of African-Americans from slavery. Other positive comments focused on the overall beauty and rich detail found in the coin.

Conversely, those unhappy with the look of the coin shared their disappointment as well. Most of the negative reactions focused on the workmanship and aesthetics of the coin rather than on the race of Liberty; however, some argued that portraying Liberty as an African-American was simply a politically correct move made to appease one racial group in our country. Attacks on the design addressed the perception that Liberty looks angry, that the stars on her headband are much too large in proportion to her head, and that the computer-generated design is generally cheap-looking.