Rare Selections From Heritage Auctions Include Top-Grade 1885 Liberty Nickel

November 06, 2017 2 min read

Rare Selections From Heritage Auctions Include Top-Grade 1885 Liberty Nickel


Heritage Auctions’ Dallas Signature Auction, which takes place on November 1-3, will feature a first ever available at auction – a PCGS example graded MS67. This 1885 nickel is the first in this grade that will be up for public auction in more than ten years. The last top-grade representative of this grade to be auctioned took place in March 2006, in the Dale Friend Collection featured in the American Numismatic Rarities (ANR) auction. In this particular auction, the Friend MS67 PCGS coin commanded $74,750.

The demand for the high-grade representatives of this 1885 Liberty Nickel stems from its well-known key date status. Liberty Nickel enthusiasts consider this a premium piece, as this particular coin at this grade is rarely offered. While MS65 uncirculated coins can be obtained, the demand for the 1885 MS67 Liberty Nickel is high.

The combined NGC- and PCGS-certified total of four coins of this particular grade is believed to be authentic. Housed in the All-Time Finest PCGS Registry Set, this particular piece comes from the sole remaining registry set with a coin of this grade. A third example of the PCGS coin cab be found on the CoinFacts website. A single Star-designated Superb Gem is listed by NGC and is presumed to be the MS67 NGC coin featured in the September 1999 Goldbergs auction, although this information has yet to be confirmed.

Two of the remaining known MS67s, as well as some remaining Premium Gems, come from the same cracked die pair, and show a prominent break through the date, as well as another location in the field located left of the Liberty’s profile. The piece featured in the upcoming auction stems from another die pair, and only contains a light crack through AMERICA, with a horizontal tine that extends inward from the border dental to over the final A.

With a uniformly sharp striking and a satiny luster of the original cartwheel, the coin features hues of rose, champagne, and powder blue throughout the surface. Any notable flaws are not noticeable with a 10x loupe, although it is possible to view remnants of die polishing lines in the fields when held at specific angles. This is an indication of an early die state, and this coin is expected to break the price record for this particular issue.