Platinum Sterling— Facts You May Not Know

February 23, 2018 2 min read

Platinum Sterling— Facts You May Not Know

You may be surprised to learn that platinum sterling and platinum-plated sterling have recently become leading selections of buyers looking to purchase engagement rings and other high-end jewelry pieces.  Why, you ask?   The reason jewelers are selling more of these pieces and are recycling and refining more platinum and silver is because the marriage of these two metals creates a hardness, beauty, and tarnish-resistance that customers seek.  Platinum sterling and platinum-plated sterling not only prove to be attractive, but also long-lasting

Platinum Sterling Alloy—Its History

About ten years ago, American Bullion Inc. produced and registered a trademark for platinum silver.  The goal of this new type of alloy was to provide an alternative to karat gold.  ABI wanted to create a mixture for jewelry that would be both appealing to the eye, as well as resistant to dullness and discoloration.  The mixture of these two elements did just that.  Because alloys have properties that are different to the metals they contain, they are often more useful than the metals alone.  In most cases, the alloys are harder than the individual metal.  American Bullion Incorporated’s objective, then, was a big success.  They established something that was durable, beautiful, and more tarnish-resistant than sterling silver alloys.  The platinum sterling alloy is similar in appearance to white gold and sterling silver, but is actually harder and heavier.

More Platinum-Plated Silver Jewelry Now Available

Jewelry manufacturers are catching on and now expanding their production of platinum-plated silver jewelry. In particular, they are making more engagement rings and earrings because the posts are as tarnish-resistant as pure platinum, but more affordable than jewelry made of pure platinum. Even upscale jewelry companies such as Swarvoski are now manufacturing and selling more platinum-plated silver jewelry.  Watches fabricated from the same alloy are also selling quickly as they are just as attractive as those made of pure platinum, but again, are proving more reasonable of a purchase because they are less expensive.

Buying and Selling of Precious Metals

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