North Carolina dollar bags, rolls on sale Oct. 12

September 23, 2021 1 min read

North Carolina dollar bags, rolls on sale Oct. 12

By Larry Jewett , Coin World, Published: Sep 22, 2021, 12 PM

The fourth and final American Innovation dollar offered in 2021, the North Carolina coin, becomes available Oct. 12 from the U.S. Mint in 25-coin rolls and 100-coin bags. The Uncirculated coins, made at the Philadelphia and Denver Mints, bear their source facility’s respective Mint mark.

The American Innovation dollar representing North Carolina recognizes innovation in creating higher-education opportunities for all. The University of North Carolina became the first public university to formally open when it convened classes in 1795. It was the nation’s only public university to confer degrees in the 18th century.

Each American Innovation dollar features a unique reverse symbolic of the subject state or territory.

The North Carolina coin’s reverse design features a stack of three textbooks with FIRST PUBLIC UNIVERSITY on the spine of the middle book. A lamp of knowledge is perched atop the books. Olive branches curve around the edge of the design.

The coins are priced at $34.50 per roll and $117.50 per bag. Coins are available from either the Philadelphia Mint or Denver Mint. 

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