Monday Morning Brief for Sept. 5, 2022: We get questions

September 05, 2022 2 min read

Monday Morning Brief for Sept. 5, 2022: We get questions

By William T. Gibbs , Coin World, Published: Sep 5, 2022, 7 AM

The Coin World staff and its freelance contributors are often sought out by collectors for their expertise and insights into a particular coin, note or related item the collector has encountered. Indeed, as I began writing this week’s column, my telephone rang with a call from a reader who has an assortment of older forms of U.S. paper money pulled from circulation decades ago — United States notes, silver certificates — and wanted to know whether they might carry premiums.

Our weekly “Readers Ask” is entirely dependent on questions received from correspondents. Typically, readers send us an email with an attached image or two, and with questions about the objects — what are they, are they an error coin or note, do they carry a premium, are they rare. Most weeks, the editor assigned the column will select two interesting inquiries and provide a response.

We enjoy getting questions from our readers and try to answer as many as we can, although the number of questions we can answer is limited.

If you have a coin or note that you think is unusual and for which your research is drawing blanks, feel free to send us an email. I cannot guarantee that we can answer every question, but we will research as many as we can, especially if we can get a “Readers Ask” column out of it.

Collectors today have a lot more resources than they did in 1976 when I joined the Collectors’ Clearinghouse staff here and spent my first months wading through mountains of mail with reader questions.

We received dozens of letters every month, most including a coin or two to be identified. Liability concerns led us to stop accepting coins from readers years ago; we ask that you never send us a coin or note.

Before sending us an email, though, try some online research. Numerous forums exist frequented by collectors and dealers who welcome inquiries from others. Many are maintained by clubs. If your research proves fruitless, send us an email. If we can, we’ll try to respond or use it in a future column in Coin World.

However, as with the “Letter to the Editor” and “Guest Commentary” columns, we need to use your full name if we use your question in the “Readers Ask” column, so please provide that.

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