Monday Morning Brief for Oct. 3, 2022: Staff changes

October 04, 2022 2 min read

Monday Morning Brief for Oct. 3, 2022: Staff changes

By William T. Gibbs , Coin World, Published: Oct 3, 2022, 7 AM

Thanks to Larry Jewett for filling in for me last week while I took a much-needed vacation. You should see his commentary on this page more frequently in the future, now that he has been named editorial director of Coin World.

As Amos Media CEO Rick Amos stated in his announcement of Larry’s elevation to editorial director, I have been scaling back my job. However, although I am 68 years old, I have no immediate plans to retire. I enjoy doing what I do and will continue performing as managing editor for the next few years. Larry will assume some of the management duties  that do not involve the day-to-day responsibilities of producing an issue of Coin World.

What does Larry’s elevation to editorial director mean to Coin World and, by extension, to you as our readers? Here is some of what he told the editorial staff upon the announcement of his appointment:

“The announcement of my appointment as editorial director should be taken for what it is — a move to an administrative position. It is my intention to use the position to assist the existing team as needed by removing some of the time-consuming tasks that previously impeded production cycles and be the liaison necessary to allow everyone to do their job to the best of their abilities.”

Every editorial staff member of Coin World brings to their job years (decades, even) of experience in news gathering, writing, editing.

While Larry did not come to Coin World as a collector of coins, he does have years of experience in the collectible automobiles hobby, serving as he did as editor-in-chief of our former Cars & Parts magazine. Collectors are collectors, whether their pursuits are building a collection of Morgan dollars or filling a garage with a collection of Corvettes.

Larry will be the public face of Coin World’s editorial team. Expect to see him at major conventions and shows. I prefer to not travel, which is why I rarely attend an American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money or a Florida United Numismatists convention. Larry has now attended the conventions of both the ANA and FUN and will undoubtedly be attending future events.

Together, all of Coin World’s editorial team will continue to serve you, our readers and subscribers.