Market Analysis: Grant Memorial half dollar at Legend

August 10, 2022 1 min read

Market Analysis: Grant Memorial half dollar at Legend

By Steve Roach , Coin World, Published: Aug 9, 2022, 10 AM

The 1922 Grant Memorial, With Star half dollar is a key in the series. The issue was struck to honor the centennial of Ulysses S. Grant’s birth and a recessed star was included above the N in GRANT on the reverse on the early issues.

The “Red Book” explains, “The star has no particular significance” and its removal created two varieties: 4,256 with the obverse star and 67,405 without a star.

Both sides were designed by Laura Gardin Fraser and the reverse depicts the frame house in Point Pleasant, Ohio, where Grant was born.

Professional Coin Grading Service graded the offered commemorative Mint State 67 and it carried a green CAC sticker. In its Regency 53 sale in Las Vegas, Legend Rare Coin Auctions wrote, “The eye appeal is super, and in our opinion it is unquestionably above and beyond all others in quality!”

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