Congressional gold medal would honor WWII volunteers

April 13, 2023 1 min read

Congressional gold medal would honor WWII volunteers

By Paul Gilkes , Coin World, Published: Apr 13, 2023, 9 AM

United States nationals who voluntarily joined the Canadian and British armed forces and their supporting entities during World War II before America’s entry in the war following the Dec. 7, 1941, attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, will be collectively recognized with a congressional gold medal if enabling legislation is passed in Congress and subsequently signed into law by the president.

The bipartisan H.R. 1372 was introduced March 3 by Rep. Abigail Davis Spanberger, D-Va., and Rep. Trent Kelly, R-Miss. The bill was subsequently referred to the House Committee on Financial Services for further consideration.

“When Great Britain and Canada took up arms against Nazi terror and fascist aggression, thousands of brave Americans volunteered to fight in the Second World War — long before Pearl Harbor,” according to Spanberger.

“Motivated by their love of democracy and their belief in protecting our allies across the Atlantic, they ran to the sound of the guns,” said Spanberger. “But for far too long, their stories of valor have remained — in large part — untold and unrecognized.

“By awarding the congressional gold medal to these selfless Americans, we can ensure that generations of future Americans will be inspired by their heroism, their commitment to our values, and their sacrifice,” Spanberger said.

Thousands of Americans joined ground forces with the Canadian and British armies, as well as serving with the Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force.

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