Chinese artist gets attention and visit from authorities

January 24, 2023 1 min read

Chinese artist gets attention and visit from authorities

By Arthur L. Friedberg , Special to Coin World, Published: Jan 23, 2023, 9 AM

J.S.W. Boggs, the American artist known for his run-ins with the law because of his lifelike hand-drawings of currency died in 2017, but his spirit lives on in the work of his successors. The most recent one, in China’s Guangdong (formerly Canton) province, is so successful that he prompted a visit from China’s anti-counterfeiting police.

A story in the South China Morning Post on Jan. 1 described a 30-year-old “artful forger” by the name of Shi Yunlong who, in the Boggs tradition, makes realistic drawings of United States paper money by hand, but in the 21st century has taken it a step further. Since September 2021 he has become an internet celebrity by posting videos on Douyin, as TikTok is called in Chinese, of himself drawing Series 1996 and 2013 $100 Federal Reserve notes at his home.

The Post explains that Shi started with hand drawings but then expanded his repertoire to include security features such as watermarks and intaglio printing, and then last November he made three copper plates for $100 bills.

He explained that to entertain his followers he also does bank notes from other countries, such as the £50 note from the Bank of England and the $100 trillion note from Zimbabwe. During the recent World Cup in Qatar, he crafted a ticket for the final game, and a supposed airline ticket from Hong Kong to Doha.

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