Brilliant 1876 Half Dollar to Debut in May 2017 Collectors Choice Online Auction

May 26, 2017 1 min read

Brilliant 1876 Half Dollar to Debut in May 2017 Collectors Choice Online Auction

The year 1876 was filled with much celebration as the U.S. marked its 100th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. While many special items, such as medals and souvenirs, were produced to commemorate the anniversary, U.S. coins were one of the most popularly collected relics from the year.  In fact, coins minted in 1876 are one of the most sought after pieces today.

According to CoinWeek’sJames McCartney, a Cameo Proof 1876 half dollar will be a feature coin in the May 2017 Collectors Choice Online Auction. The certified Proof-65 Cameo Seated Liberty half dollar is an exquisite representation of the 1,150 half dollar coins struck for the year. It features deeply mirrored centers with outer edges of iridescent cobalt and magenta. While it is believed that nearly two-thirds of the mintage survives, this carefully-kept coin is one of only seven coins graded by PCGS at the Proof-65 Cameo level and is thought to be one of the finest coins of its kind.

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1876 Half Dollar