42 of 50 Coins Sold at Heritage Auctions’ 2017 NYINC Sale are NCG Certified

March 20, 2017 2 min read

42 of 50 Coins Sold at Heritage Auctions’ 2017 NYINC Sale are NCG Certified

CoinWeek recently reported that 42 of the 50 highest grossing coins purchased at the most recent NYINC sale were certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®). The results of the sale, held by Heritage Auctions and representing many countries and eras, were further evidence of the accuracy of the NGC’s grading system. The composite gain of all coin sales at the auction totaled around $15.6 million with almost 84% of that profit coming from NGC certified coins.

Some of the highlights of the auction are as follows:

  • Japan Meiji 13 (1880) Proof Set- Two coins from this set garnered the highest profits among all coins sold. The Proof Gold 20 Yen, graded atNGC PF 64 Cameo, took $305,500, while the second coin, a Proof Gold 10 Yen with the same grade, took$270,250.
  • Austria-Salzburg Gold 25 Ducat- This rare coin with its extraordinary detail sold for $223,250. ThisNGC MS 61 graded coin was struck in 1709 to honor the new Archbishop, Franz Anton.
  • England 1700 Gold 5 Guineas- GradedNGC MS 63, this finely-kept coin went for $211,500.
  • Russia 1755 Gold Pattern 5 Roubles- From the D. Moore Collection, known for the pristine condition of its coins, this piece was gradedNGC PF 64★ Cameo and was purchased at $211,500.
  • Great Britain 1893 Gold 5 Pounds- Also from the D. Moore Collection, this coin, gradedNGC PF 67★ Ultra Cameo, sold at $152,750.
  • Cuba 1915 Gold Proof Set- Formerly of theEliasberg Collection and now part of the D. Moore Collection, this NGC graded coin set auctioned for $199,750.
  • England 1691 Gold 5 Guinea of William and Mary- Selling for $105,750, this coin received a grade ofNGC MS 63.

It is also noteworthy to add that the Lydian gold stater, one of the first gold coins ever produced, sold just shy of the six figure mark. What is most impressive about the sale of this coin is that in 2105, prior to NGC certification, this same exact coin sold for only $23,452.

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