2017 Congratulations Set Sale Ends Quickly

April 25, 2017 1 min read

2017 Congratulations Set Sale Ends Quickly

In less than 3 minutes, the U.S. Mint closed its sale of the 2017 Congratulations coin set, on Tuesday, April 4. Although the Mint did not immediately declare a “sellout” of the 75,000 available sets, many collectors who attempted to purchase the sets received messages that they were no longer available because orders had already met maximum mintage. The coins became accessible for purchase at 12 noon on April 4, and by 12:02 p.m., collectors’ orders were being met with the rejection message.

The Mint did not place any limits on the number of sets per household, so the speculation is that a small number of collectors ordered a large number of sets, which contributed to the swiftness of the mintage quota being met and left many collectors unhappy and empty-handed. There is the possibility that the Mint will reopen sales due to order cancellations or rejected credit card payments, but it has made no such announcement as of yet. Shortly after the Mint’s sale closed, Congratulations sets, which the Mint sold for $54.95, appeared for sale on eBay at prices ranging from $110-$225.

Attracting many collectors to the Congratulations set was the Proof 2017-S American Eagle silver dollar coin, which will also be included in the Mint’s 2107 Limited Edition Silver Proof set to be released later this year. Details on household purchase restrictions, price, and product limits have not yet been made public.

2017 congratulations set

source: coinweek.com